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VTech Baby Monitor Review

vtech baby monitor

If you’re shopping for a baby monitor, you may be wondering which features to look for. We will talk about the Video, Audio, and Temperature sensors, as well as lullabies. But what are the best features of VTech Baby Monitors? Read on to find out. And keep in mind, the right monitor won’t only be beneficial for your newborn, but for you, too. If you want to ensure the safety of your little one, you can even use it remotely.


Is a VTech Baby Monitor worth the money? This video review will show you whether it is a good investment. This product has all the basic features, like a 2-way talkback, a high-resolution camera, and a temperature sensor. It even plays lullabies. However, its most appealing feature is its extended battery life. Using the VTech RM5754 for a full eight hours will save you a lot of battery life.

While the website for this product is nice, the Android and Windows apps work better. They do everything a baby monitor should do, including detect sound and motion, talk back, and control the pan/tilt motors. Unfortunately, these apps work best from your own home PC and not in public terminals or computers with limited access. While the VTech Baby Monitor is great for many parents, you should not purchase it if you’re worried about privacy.

The MyVTech Baby 1080p app allows you to monitor your child from your smartphone. The app is easy to install and pairs with the camera automatically. The MyVTech Baby 1080p app also includes a talkback delay for parents who want to talk to their children while they are away. The system works with both iOS and Android devices. It also comes with a manual for the VTech VM819, which is available on Amazon.


When considering purchasing a digital baby monitor, you may wonder whether to go with a VTech product or another brand. You can find a variety of options for this product, but one of the most important factors to consider is battery life. This VTech DM1211 Enhanced Range Digital Audio Monitor is an excellent choice for those parents who are worried about battery life, but who also want their baby to be safe. The unit’s range is up to 1,000 feet and the sound it produces is clear and audible. Having a longer battery life is also great if you plan on using your monitor outdoors during naptime or bedtime.

This product comes with a microphone and speaker. The microphone is designed to pick up noises from your baby, so you can hear the sounds. The speaker also lets you speak to your baby through a speaker, which can be helpful if you need to check on him or her. The VTech DM222 model also projects a glow onto the ceiling, which makes it easy to see your child even when it’s pitch black. The DM271 version features a motion sensor, while the third model combines these two units to offer a combination of open-close and motion sensors.

The VTech DM221 provides 5 different volume levels, including low, medium, and high. The loudest setting is about 103 dB, but it’s still quite audible at 83 dB. The sound quality of the sound at low levels fluctuates. Although parents praise the VTech DM221, parent reviews aren’t quite so enthusiastic. So, you may want to consider the DM221 instead.

Temperature sensor

The VTech Baby Monitor has a temperature sensor that alerts users when a baby’s room is too warm. This feature is good if the room temperature is fairly constant, but it’s not foolproof. Some users have reported readings of six degrees warmer than what the monitor actually shows. In one instance, the baby monitor’s temperature reading was six degrees warmer than the actual room temperature. This problem only occurred when the monitor was mounted at the ceiling, and it was accurate when placed in a lower area.

Another concern with this monitor is its inconsistent readings. While this monitor has an impressive range of indicators, it is inconsistent when it comes to temperature. Parents tend to shrug off the problem, but it’s time to consider a new monitor. The temperatures of baby monitors should be accurate to prevent accidents and other problems from occurring. There are other, more expensive models available. You can check reviews online to see which ones others have given this product.

If you’re concerned about the temperature of the room, the temperature sensor on the VTech Baby Monitor is an excellent safety feature. When the temperature drops, the display turns red. The monitor’s range is a good 1,000 feet. The VTech VM819 comes with a parent unit that has a color display. Unfortunately, the night vision mode only shows black and white video feed. The VTech Baby Monitor requires a 220V outlet to work.


The baby camera with lullabies has a 2.8″ display and temperature sensor to alert you when the temperature drops below a certain level. It is designed for both long-range and local monitoring. It can play lullabies, calming sounds, and is equipped with a two-way talk feature. The camera can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings and has a night-vision option.

The DM111 is a good option if you’re on a budget but still want to provide your baby with high-quality sound and range. Its lower battery life might not be the best option for night-time monitoring, but it can work during nap times. A better option would be the Hatch Rest+, which works via Wi-Fi and includes night lights, lullabies, and a sound machine.

A fully-charged battery will allow the baby monitor to play five lullabies to lull your baby to sleep. The parent unit’s color display allows you to adjust sound sensitivity. Night vision mode displays black and white images. It also supports two outlets and only works with 220V. This product also has a temperature sensor. Although you can use it anywhere, you’re advised to keep the monitor close to the house.

Night light

If you are planning to buy a digital video baby monitor, you should consider the VTech VM5254 Digital Video Baby Monitor. Its 5-inch LCD screen has a multi-color night light and lullabies and soft sounds to soothe your baby. The device also has automatic infrared night vision and temperature display. If you are considering this baby monitor, you must first determine whether it is the right product for your baby.

It comes with a 5-inch color LCD screen that allows you to watch your baby in dark conditions. The night vision feature can be disabled manually, or it may not work at all. First, check for any interference or unplugged devices in the room. If the camera still does not work, you may need to restart the system or replace the battery in the parent unit. The camera may be defective or you may have accidentally turned on bulb lighting.

The Infant Optics night vision feature is not working correctly. To solve this problem, you can change the default lens. Make sure to replace the battery before turning on the camera. You may also need to replace the night vision feature if the camera has a low battery. The infant monitor night light will only work if the baby is in the dark. The camera will not work when it detects light through glass, so it is vital to keep it away from a heater or window.


The VTech Baby Monitor price varies widely based on its features. Some of its best features include polyphonic lullabies, talkback intercom, temperature sensors, and a low battery alert. Listed below are some of the pros and cons of the VTech Baby Monitor. You can also learn more about its features, including features, price, and specifications. In addition to its battery life, this product is easy to use and has an intuitive design.

Its audio quality isn’t hi-fi, but it’s still much better than that of a video camera system. It has a mute feature to allow parents to hear their children without disturbing them. Another feature is a “beep” notification for loud noises. You’ll want to keep this feature on if your baby is fussy or needs you to change their diaper. If you’re worried about their safety, a VTech Baby Monitor is a great option.

For an additional cost, you can get a bundled motion monitor with the VTech Baby Monitor. The camera has two sensors that track the baby’s movement and alert parents to any irregularities. The parent unit cannot manually zoom or pan the camera. Some monitors feature blinking LED lights, but these can distract your child when the room is dark. Despite its small size, the VTech Baby Monitor price is affordable. Its easy-to-use features will make it an excellent choice for your newborn.

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