10 Reasons Why You Need Smart Baby Monitors?

smart baby monitors 2-way audio

There are many reasons why you should buy smart baby monitors, one of the most important ones is that it can help you keep an eye on your baby. But does a baby monitor really help with that? This article shares 10 good reasons to buy a baby monitor and it will help you answer this question: why do you need smart baby monitors.

1. Reassurance

An investigation shows, that 9/10 pairs of new parents get more exhausted after they have babies because they literarily get enough sleeping, after smart baby monitors were invented, they finally have a solution for looking after babies in a “New-tech” way.

2. Sleep

Smart baby monitors aren’t just for watching your baby! They’re also for listening to them as they sleep. You can keep an ear out for any unusual noises and make sure everything sounds normal. And even if you have twins, this is something you can do at the same time—it’s way easier than trying to listen to two babies in separate rooms or even in the same room asleep on different floors of a house.

Obviously, the main reason why you’d want to listen in on your baby while they sleep is so that if anything happens, you can go and check it out right away! If one of your kids starts crying because they’re wet or hungry or scared, you’ll hear it and be able to go take care of them immediately.

And like we said before, with some smart baby monitors you can actually talk back to them through a built-in speaker system as well! That way if one of your kids wakes up but isn’t crying yet (maybe just whimpering quietly), then all that extra talking will hopefully calm them down enough that they fall back asleep without needing any extra attention from mommy or daddy.

3. Traveling

Whether you are going on a holiday or visiting relatives, a baby monitor is the ideal travel companion. It is useful for self-settling and sleep training back at home. A baby monitor can also be used in your home or at a relative’s house. Many parents use the monitor when they are in the garden or doing some work in the garage – so it goes everywhere with you!

4. Safety check for every night

Smart baby monitors will help you keep an eye out for your child’s safety at night. The first few months of a child’s life are very delicate, and they need extra care while sleeping in their cribs. It is necessary to monitor the baby even at night because it helps you make sure that the baby is breathing properly and has enough space in the crib.

The monitor has several sensors that detect movement, noise, and sleep patterns of your baby so you can intervene if needed. The video provides a full view of the crib so that you can see if anything falls on them or if they are moving too much in their sleep.

5. Get things done on time

A great baby monitor keeps you connected, even when you’re not in the same room. This means that you get to stay on top of things and accomplish tasks in a short amount of time. Your little one is asleep, so this is a good opportunity to take care of other things around the house (or even just take some “me” time).

Whether it’s doing laundry, cooking dinner, or watching your favorite TV show, having a way to be alerted when your child needs attention lets you do everything at your own pace—and without feeling guilty about leaving him/her alone for a while. So go ahead and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading the news; catch up on some emails while folding clothes; eat chips and salsa while reviewing next month’s bills…you name it! With all the extra convenience that comes with effective smart baby monitors by your side, anything’s possible!

6. Cleaning and doing chores

Keeping your home clean is an ongoing job. When you have a baby, it becomes even more important to keep your house in good order. Doing so can help prevent the spread of germs, which is especially relevant when a newborn is around. You should also make sure that you don’t leave any sharp objects or other hazardous items lying around. If you have a dog or cat, they may be inclined to knock things over on their own, too!

Besides cleaning the floors and other surfaces of your home, you’ll want to take care of chores like laundry as well—especially if you’re expecting winter weather soon after giving birth. Laundry may not seem like much work compared with vacuuming up dust bunnies every day or scrubbing at stains on the carpet with a toothbrush (seriously), but all that sorting through clothing and delicately folding it so it doesn’t get wrinkled will really add up after some time has passed.

One easy way to keep everything under control is by using scent boosters in each load before tossing them into the washing machine—they’ll leave behind long-lasting flowery aromas that will make everything smell nice!

You’ll also need to make sure there’s plenty food in the house for everyone who lives there – including pets! It’s best if someone else can go shopping while taking care of all these chores because then they won’t have time left over at night when most people are sleeping (and trying not to wake up). The exception being if there’s an emergency situation where someone needs help with something urgent like cooking meals from scratch which takes longer than ordering takeout would take.”

7. Daytime naps

Some parents may not feel the need to monitor their baby during the day, as they often sit with them and watch over them. However, you may have other children or responsibilities that prevent you from sitting with your child during naps. Smart baby monitors will allow you to hear your child while they are sleeping and alert you if something is wrong. You can hear their breathing patterns and any noises they make in their sleep, allowing you to respond immediately if your child wakes up in distress or pain.

8. When your baby is sick

Smart baby monitors will also allow you to keep an eye on your sick baby, so you can check in on them without disturbing their sleep. You’ll be able to hear if they start crying and know if there’s a problem right away.

If your child is very young and can’t express themselves yet, a monitor will also allow you listen for breathing problems or other issues that might require attention.

9. If you have twins or multiples

Even if you have twins, triplets, or more, one video monitor can help you keep tabs on your little ones. With split-screen capabilities and digital zoom for each individual child, having multiples may even make the process easier (albeit more expensive). If your brood is big enough to warrant bunk beds or cribs in separate rooms, don’t worry. Many smart baby monitors allow you to add additional cameras so that you can monitor all of your babies from one device.

Regardless of how many children you have, a baby monitor that includes split-screen capability is ideal for any large family. It’s the best way to stay connected to all of your children without having to do constant room check-ins—and it helps everyone get a good night’s sleep.

10. Listen from another room

Life can be loud. That’s not a problem for most parents, but it is for those who want to keep smart baby monitors in their home. Babies require efficient monitoring, and in order to provide the best possible information to those who are looking, you need to ensure that your product is reliable and easy to use. Take note of these features when you’re considering a monitor:


  • It’s great for keeping track of your baby in other parts of the house or neighborhood.
  • The sound pick-up range will allow you to hear even the tiniest noises from your baby, even if they’re across the entire house from your monitor.
  • The ability to turn up the volume so that you can hear very low sounds, like crying (or laughter) will give you peace of mind while still being discreet enough to not wake anyone else up while they sleep!
  • No cords! That means no worries about losing them at all, or having them fall in front of an oncoming car and cause an accident!
  • Lower battery life could mean needing more batteries than with other types of smart baby monitors (see our comparison below), but that also means you’ll never have a dead battery when hearing “that” noise in the middle of the night again!
  • These are all important features that make every baby monitor better than any others on the market today – enabling parents everywhere to be sure that their babies are safe and happy anywhere they go throughout their day! you can also buy a smart baby monitor in our shop at a powerful and cheap price.