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Privacy policy Fantastic Baby Mall

Privacy policy

We are dedicated to ensuring that your personal details and information remain protected.

Our privacy statement will provide you with details on the information that we collect whenever you visit our site. It also contains methods that describe the way in which we you use your information. Our policies clearly state that all personal details are kept confidential and used for our means only. We do not share it with any other party.

Collecting Your Personal information

We collect specific details about yourself. These include your name, your designation, your employer’s name and contact information. We can also gather additional details about yourself such as the browser with which you visit our website, the day and the time on which you make this visit, the pages that you browse on our website and the URL which directs you to our site. Please note that it is important for us to collect this information because we use it for providing you with a better online interface.

Using Your Personal Details

It is necessary for us to collect your personal details because we use it to provide you with your requested services. For instance, we use your contact information to provide you with more details about the products or services you are interested in. This would also allow us to keep you notified of any important updates.


If you have any queries regarding our piracy statement or any concerns with the ways in which we protect your details, please let us know through the Contact Us online form on our website.

We may modify our privacy policies from time to time. We will inform you of any changes that we make on this page.



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