Window Valances

Baby is the same as shoot on branch. Eating, sleeping and learning is a docile baby. At the young age is the age of innocent, happy, joyful. That old story, which has the character in comics, is star, moon, kitten, mouse…have a deep impression on their mind, is a memory with their development like a friend. Those were well kept in their mind to help to the baby harmonizing with images, characters to have fun innocently. Stimulating the creativity is the base to form private personality and active learning of baby. That’s why in interior decoration especially with Window Valances is paid attention with the design such as small star, crescent moon, and flower, leave, warming natural color, small lovely animal, and funny images, eye-appealed, easy to understand, and feel. This will help your baby more loving life, innocent and learn the way to live independently. 

Designing for baby Window Valances help your baby happy, creative, comfortable with its private space, a wonderful place for baby.

Baby Window Valance is very important in designing baby’s room decoration. It not only helps to prevent light, heat for the room but also a picture expresses her personality, trait, and tends her development You can choose of stylelist window valance from Fantastic Baby Mall


  Product Product code Price  
One Window Valance For Animal Kingdom Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2050-V

One Window Valance Giraffe Loving Family Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2045-V

One Window Valance For Daisy Garden Baby Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2057-V

Window Valance For Baby Boy FireTruck BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-2016-V

One Window Valance For Sea Turtle Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2052-V

One Window Valance For Animal Scholar Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2051-V

One Window Valance For Gray Brown Scribble Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2060-V

One Window Valance For New Sea World Animals Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2047-V

One Window Valance For New Airplane Aviator Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2048-V

One Window Valance For Horse & Cowboy Baby Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2046-V

Window Valance For Amazon Jungle Animals 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-2044-V

Window Valance For Autumn Leaves 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-2041-V

Window Valance For Baby Boy Artist 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-2037-V

Window Valance For New Bumble Bee Crib Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2049-V

Window Valance For Dolphin, Sea Animals BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-2017-V

Window Valance For Baby Girl French Poodle 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-2040-V

Window Valance For Pink Brown Butterfly Crib Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2032-V

Window Valance For Leap Froggy Froggie 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-2036-V

Window Valance For Baby Girl Artist 13PCS CRIB BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-2038-V

Window Valance For Brown Blue Star & Moon BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-201-V

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