Lamp Shades

Lamp shades ensures the best atmosphere for the physical and mental development of your baby that is problem which every parent especially concern, and certainly designing room for your children. Multi-colored and special Lamp shades design will make your baby loving her room more.

The baby room will be more glamorous and lovely with the multicolored decorative lLamp shades. Our product is the combination of the wooden toy of your children and this Lamp shades will definitely your baby loving her room when it is lighting.

Our lamp shape will guarantee the good sleep of your children, especially with any children who afraid of darkness. The Lamp shades will be a friend with your baby during sleep

Chimney of lamps is made from cotton, has a lot of color and beautiful printed image. When turning on the lamp will reflect the light and make the room lovelier. The lamp has a dim and sweet light for your baby’s eyes. 


  Product Product code Price  
Lamp Shade for Ladybug & Flower

CODE: CF-2043-L

Lamp Shade for Daisy Garden Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2057-L

Lamp Shade For Tropical Style

CODE: CF-2014-L

Lamp Shade for Classic Sports Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2056-L

Lamp Shade for Sea Turtle

CODE: CF-2052-L

Lamp Shade For Bumble Bee Crib Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2026-L

Lamp Shade For Farm Field Animals BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-2019-L

Lamp Shade For Leap Froggy Froggie

CODE: CF-2036-L

Lamp Shade For New Bumble Bee Crib Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2049-L

Lamp Shade for New Froggy Froggie

CODE: CF-2054-L

Lamp Shade For Brown Pink Star & Moon BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-202-L

Lamp Shade For Country Flower Baby Girl BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-207-L

Lamp Shade For Safari, Jungle Animals

CODE: CF-2021-L

Lamp Shade for Gray Brown Scribble Bedding Set

CODE: CF-2060-L

Lamp Shade for Horse & Cowboy Boy

CODE: CF-2046-L

Lamp Shade for Western Horse & Cowgirl Girl

CODE: CF-2055-L

Lamp Shade For Brown Blue Star & Moon BEDDING SET

CODE: CF-201-L

Lamp Shade for New Airplane Aviator Boy

CODE: CF-2048-L

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